Sunday, January 27, 2008

Whatchagot Stew

So, a little before Christmas, Mrs. Hog and I were sitting around on a Saturday morning and wondered what we would have for supper. It had gotten bitterly cold here in Nebraska. In fact it got cold right after Thanksgiving and has been that way since. We've had snow on the ground since the week after Turkeyday. So we thought something inside would be good. Stews and soups always go over well when it's cold outside. We decided on a "whatchagot" stew. What is a whatchagot stew, you ask? Well it's called that, because whatever ya got...throw it in the pot. A few weeks earlier I smoked a couple pork butts. One of them I threw in the fridge after it cooled a little because I didn't feel like pulling it, already had some pulled pork in the freezer, and wanted some cubed stuff for an occasion such as this. Here's what I used in the stew:

  • A couple pounds of pork butt, cubed; I had kept the shoulder blade with a good bit of meat on it (frozen, of course) and threw it in, too.
  • Surprisingly, we didn't have any canned tomatoes (we almost always have some around), but we did have a big can of chunky spaghetti we threw it in the pot. See what I mean by "whatchagot" stew?
  • Ketchup
  • Frozen green beans, corn, and carrots. Use any vegetable you like and have on hand, frozen or fresh. Kidney bean, pintos, black beans, etc. would go well it it, too.
  • Fresh white onions, cut into good-sized chunks. That's a technical cooking term there, folks..."good-sized".
  • Potatoes, cubed
  • A big handful of my butt rub. Another technical term; "big-handful".
  • Sriracha ("Rooster") Sauce, to add some heat to it.
I think that's everything. Like I said, though, put anything in it you like. Put everything in to a pot sufficient to hold it all (this freezes well, by the way). Bring it to a boil, then simmer for a long, long time.

We got this on the stove about lunch time and ate it for supper at sixish. If you simmer it very slowly it'll be hard to cook it too long. Just come back every hour or so and give it a good stir. Mrs. Hog made some drop biscuits in a mini-muffin pan to go with them.

My Mom gave me a 9-quart dutch oven for Christmas, so I'll probably do this in the oven using the dutch oven when I do it again. I did a pork roast a couple weeks ago that I'll get up on the blog sometime. Obviously, a pot on the stove top works just fine for this. I've got some of it still frozen, and after writing this up I think I'll have to thaw some of it out soon.


SlapShotSal said...

Looks like some good eatings. We love soups and stews, and eat them even out here in warm San Diego.

Hogwild said...

Yea, it doesn't have to be cold to enjoy them, but they sure do warm you up when it's cold outside!!

Th3Guns1ing3r said...

Looks scrumptious!

Sometimes I wish you were single...


Hogwild said...

ummm, That's a little scary, Slinger. I'm sure glad that I am not single. :-D